Jon Arteen makes an Art Trade with Max Acier on DeviantArt – They draw gay characters

I am happy to share an excellent Art Trade that I made with MaxAcier on DeviantArt (

Max Acier’s drawing for Jon Arteen

He drew my character Jon and his character Max in a very hot comic book. In this case, Jon always likes to try new things. So Max made a very special menu for Jon. From the first sip, a heat invades Jon, the body grows. Swollen muscles. The erect penis gets bigger and becomes huge. Finally, the two gay boys will have a lot of fun together.

Max Acier's drawing - Jon and Max - Jon Arteen's and Max Acier's original characters - gay fun

Jon Arteen’s drawing for Max Acier

I drew the original characters of Max Acier, Julian and Max. They stay at Jon Arteen’s hotel in a very romantic atmosphere. All the conditions are met for the two gay teenage boys to have a pleasant romantic getaway.

Jon Arteen's drawing - Julian and Max - Max Acier's original characters - gay love

The uncensored, sexually explicit, NSFW versions

You can find the uncensored versions of these designs on the MaxAcier blog here:

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